Meeting Minutes 10/19/22

Meeting Minutes 10/19/22

Meeting called to order @ 6:30pm

Previous meeting minutes were distributed, and a motion was made to accept them.  Motion passed.

Big thank you to Perry Scopelliti for coordinating tonight’s meeting.

There is a vacancy on the board, and this was discussed at the 10/12/22 meeting.  Although there was a lot of interest in the position, the board came to the decision not to fill the vacancy at this time.  There will be 5 board seats and 1 officer position up for election in June.  Anyone interested in serving on the board should contact the nominating committee – Tom Montrone, Ed Morgan or Bob Campbell.  You may also contact any current board member, senior member, or Gary Kapner.

With the upcoming Pumpkin Carving and Street Fair volunteers are needed.  Contact Al Morgan for the Pumpkin Carving and Gary Kapner or Bill Hoefling for the Street Fair.

The Veterans Day luncheon will be on Friday, November 11th at the VFW Hall on Elkwood Avenue.  Volunteers are needed to solicit food don, set up, serve, and clean up.  Anyone who can help please contact John at:

Set up will be Thursday, November 10th at 7pm

Donations should be picked up on November 11th at 11:30am and serving will be at noon.

Clean up will be following around 2pm

Pete DeSarno continues to empty our eyeglass collection bin with 800 pairs already donated.  It was suggested that we replace the decals on the side of the collection bin, and they are wearing off.

Perry gave us an update on our financials.  We have currently reached our budget limit in our donations. There was a request for addition monies for the NP Fire Department and if approved we have money to take care of this request.  However, if you do hear of a need, please speak to a board member.

The NP Lions now have a refrigerator installed at the Paca Club and our own cabinet for our supplies.  Thank you to the members of the Paca Club for working with us.

Meeting adjourned at 7:02pm

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