The Billy Totten Deck Project


The New Providence Lions all pitched in with a great effort in sourcing the proper materials, demolishing an old deck and installing a new deck with modern state of the art materials.

The first day a group of Lions spent 4 hours in the demolition and clean up process. We utilized a Waste Management nylon bag in which 3,300 pounds of material can be placed in it for removal. A good portion of the material was cut and the nails were removed or bent over to eliminate sharp edges.

The next Saturday we arrived on site with the new materials which were sourced with the help of Nick Cocuzza. Master carpenter and painter Al Morgan our fearless leader did the complex work. He was assisted in the engineering department by his cousin Eddie Morgan.

We all had an enjoyable day on the rebuilding of the deck with many Lions involved. Sharon and Billy expressed their gratitude at our second October meeting. All Lions felt a goodness in our hearts for a good deed performed for someone so deserving and as a fellow member that was the icing on the cake. Great job NP Lions!

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