September Newsletter

President’s Message
We had our first in-person meetings over the last five months, and they were awesome. The first was a chocolate-tasting event behind the “Lions Warehouse” – thank you Gary Kapner! What we tasted wasn’t just chocolate, but the friendship of fellow Lions. The meeting was also a success for Eversight, the eye bank of New Jersey. They raised over $12,000 that will be used to help restore the eyesight of folks in New Jersey. We also voted to be a contributing sponsor to Eversight and will donate $500 this year and the next two years. Eversight provides cornea transplants for NJ residents, including our own Pete DeSarno.

New Providence Fire & EMS

For many years, the Lions have supported the special equipment requirements of our fine volunteer Fire and EMS departments.  NP Fire Department Lions are currently supporting the purchase of radio […]

BBA of New Providence – Comeback Campaign

The Borough Business Association of New Providence (BBA of NP) is a new non-profit established for the purpose of supporting New Providence businesses. Specifically, during this difficult time, the focus […]

DeCorso Center Audio Visual Upgrade Project

The lights went out at the DeCorso Community Center (New Providence Senior Center) last night as a crowd gathered to attend a special presentation in honor of the late Jack […]

The Billy Totten Deck Project

T The New Providence Lions all pitched in with a great effort in sourcing the proper materials, demolishing an old deck and installing a new deck with modern state of […]

Union County Blind Association

On Tuesday February 18th from 5:45-9:30 PM, the Union County Blind Sunshine Club will be meeting at the De Corso Center. UCBA Club President, Billy Totten and Sharon Alfonso, both […]